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Railroad workers are unionized and their contract is set to expire in December, which has led to speculation about a possible strike that could cripple supply chains.

Four out of 12 rail unions voted against a tentative deal brokered by President Joe Biden and Labor Secretary Marty Walsh because it didn't include paid sick days. The workers have no sick days.

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The outlets and pundits framing the potential strike as the fault of workers rather than the greediness of rail corporations is offensive and facile.

Biden said on Monday that Congress should pass legislation to force the rail workers to sign a contract. Biden called himself a proud pro-labor President despite the fact that taking this step would eliminate the workers' right to strike.

The tentative contract was adopted by the House of Representatives on Wednesday. The House voted on a resolution that would add seven days of paid sick leave to the contract. The Republicans voted against it. There were only three Republicans who voted for the resolution to pass with 221 votes.

The Senate will now consider the bills. An amendment to add seven paid sick days to the deal will be voted on by the senator.

The contract may be extended by Congress to get both sides back at the table.

The rail workers are only in this situation because Biden asked congress to prevent a strike, but it's really adding insult to injury to see so many Republicans vote against their health and wellbeing.

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