In eight months, the token he had invested in surged in value. He abandoned his dead-end marketing business this year and became a full-time tHe became a full-time t The man abandoned his dead-end marketing business and became a full-time t The man became a full-time t The man abandoned his dead-

The 51-year-old is showing off his success from investing in BlockAura token by driving around in his new Toyota sedan on the dusty streets of his hometown in rural India. He promised that their investment would grow threefold in 300 days if they joined him.

Kamble is one of thousands of investors in India who bet on the success of a number of startups that promise high returns on their investments. These are payoffs for adding more people to a multilevel marketing network. In a country with the lowest per capita income in the world, the returns are too good to be ignored. Some networks may turn out to be pyramid schemes according to critics.

Kamble said on the phone that he didn't need a day job. BlockAura is a new type of currency.

The BlockAura booth at the Crypto Expo in Dubai in October.

The Kamble digital asset is showing signs of trouble, which is a reflection of the wider downturn in thecryptocurrencies. The recent collapse of Sam Bankman- Fried's FTX empire is spreading to other companies. Genesis is trying to avoid a similar fate after BlockFi Inc. filed for Chapter 11. Changpeng "CZ" Zhao, the founder of the world's largest digital wallet, said this isn't the end.

The native token of BlockAura has plummeted from its all-time high of $32.30 in July to $3.03 today. It can be exchanged with another token for $19 a piece on UniSwap, but there isn't much trading there.

BlockAura has capped daily withdrawals at $250 to prevent panic selling. Many investors can't even cut their losses because it's so difficult. At least on paper, Kamble's claimed daily income of $2,000 is less than it used to be.

Despite the plunge in value, Kamble is confident that the value will go up in the next two to three years.

There is more on the globalCRYPTO LOOMING.

The rush for quick bucks is turning many investors blind to warnings of elevated risks. Sitharaman said the biggest risk for countries is the misuse of cryptocurrencies for money-laundering and terrorism financing.

The multilevel marketing model is very risky. BlockAura Foundation founder Firoz Multani said his platform adopts a network-marketing, but not a pyramid, model, and incentives for referrals are mostly used to expand the user base. There is no risk of losing capital as the community helps earn the principal within five months.

Several Indian startups have emerged in the past year or so.

According to a man from India, BlockAura now has 60,000 investors. SBG Global has three times returns in 20 months and has more than 100,000 users. The new entrant, ApeJet, gives away free phones and villas worth $605,000 in the United Arab Emirates as an incentive.

FTX Chaos Prompts us to take a closer look at the rise of cryptocurrencies.

Firoz Multani
Firoz Multani, founder of BlockAura Foundation

Ari Redbord, head of legal and government affairs at San Francisco-based TRM Labs, warns of the risks of get rich quick chains.

A lot of people have been overtaken by the fear of missing out in the exuberance of the space. He said that it was a recipe for scam and fraud in this area.

About 60% of SBG Global's users are part of its multilevel marketing model, and the platform does have a plan to tackle potential risks by offering diverse products, its international marketing head said.

In the last few years, India has seen a lot ofcryptocurrencies being used for fraud. The nation's top court is hearing a case on an alleged fraud worth about $1.6 billion, while a police probe found that more than 25,000 investors were tricked. The global scam of around $2.4 billion had its roots in India.

No Crisis Yet

The Reserve Bank of India has not seen a crisis yet. Sankar said a lot of investors have small stakes in thecryptocurrencies. The public is cautioned about the risks.

Sankar agreed with the Indian government's stance that a globally coordinated approach was needed. People don't want a situation where their savings are lost.

Daniel is the chief strategist at Strategy India, a Mumbai-based consulting firm that studies fraudulent schemes.

The ability to spin up new coins at will, market these as revolutionary, drive up prices, and then flee with the proceeds is something that is distinct from the other ponzi schemes in the industry.

BlockAura tells its investors that it works on the basis of a value of 61 per token, meaning users will pocket less cash when they redeem their rewards. It was supposed to go live a month ago. Multiple versions of the token have been launched.

Speaking Out

Users are speaking out. Over the next four months, he accumulated $25,000 in rewards, after investing $10,000 in BlockAura token. He said the curbs meant his entire principal was gone.

He said he didn't want to fool more users. When the price of the token rose, a few people made money. Everyone's money is stuck since we can't withdraw.

The withdrawal limits are temporary, and those who believe in BlockAura will stick with it. TBAC is a place of value. I want no one to lose money.

If you want high returns, you need to have the stomach to take risk, said Saurav Kumar, who lost money in another networking block.

A college student who won a new SUV as a reward for bringing in more investors to the chain after bagging an Apple device, was named the winner. The community will support the token in this scheme.

Anil Yadav
Anil Yadav, founder of SBG Global.

Hundreds of high-performing users from India were flown to the Middle East in October to be showcased at an industry event as part of their rewards program. For SBG Global and BlockAura investors, this was their second international trip in about three months after a visit to Singapore in June and July, where they filled half the conference room at a high-end hotel.

The founder of SBG Global said that the rewards were to build the community. A person who has community will win.

Vrishti Beniwal helped with the project.