3:55 PM ET

A fight caught on camera in which Owens punched a man in a parking lot was the result of an "aggressor" threatening him and a fan he was talking to.

Owens told The AP in a statement that he acted in self-defense when the man made offensive gestures and threatening statements to him and a fan.

In an attempt to de-escalate the situation, the Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver walked outside, where the man followed.

Owens told the AP that the man continued to threaten the fan. I put myself between the fan and the man. I told the man to stop threatening me.

Owens said he felt obligated to prevent the man from becoming more violent after the man swatted at him.

A witness's video of the fight at the pharmacy store was published by the celebrity gossip website.

Police were not sure if they were called to the scene over the weekend. The police did not respond to calls or emails.

Owens said that he was "blindsided by all of this" when he stopped at the drugstore. I had to use self-defense to protect myself and the fan. I will try to improve from this experience.