The new date is Nov 30, 2022.

Hakeem Jeffries is expected to be elected the next leader of the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries And Caucus Vice Chairman Rep. Pete Aguilar Hold Their Weekly News Conference

Hakeem Jeffries is a democrat from New York.

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Jeffries would be the first black person to hold a leadership position in Congress.

House Democrats are expected to vote this week on who will be their leader.

Clyburn faces a challenge from Cicilline for the position of assistant leader.

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The best thing that we can do as a result of the seriousness and solemnity of the moment is lean in hard and do the best job that we can for the people.

Key Background

She said in a speech on the floor that she would retire as House Democratic leader to make way for a new generation. In exchange for votes to be elected leader for a second time, she promised to retire from the top job. She resigned as chairman of the Democratic caucus a day after her speech. He doesn't have a challenger.

What To Watch For

If McCarthy succeeds in his bid to become speaker, Jeffries will have to work with him. CNN State of the Union host Jake Tapper asked Jeffries if he had talked to Leader McCarthy recently. Jeffries said that he has a better relationship with Steve Scalise. After securing enough victories to regain the majority in the House, House Republicans held a secret election to pick their leader.

In announcing his bid to become assistant leader, Cicilline pointed to the loss of the Democratic congressional campaign committee chair. In more than 40 years, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair has lost a re- election bid. "With so much at stake, I think it is critical that the House Democratic Leadership team fully reflect the diversity of our caucus and the American people by including an LGBTQ+ member at the leadership table, which is why I've decided to run for assistant leader."

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to step down after two decades.

There is a complicated relationship between Kevin McCarthy and Hakeem Jeffries.