The former engineer wrote an essay about age discrimination at the company. John Johnson wrote on the platform Lioness that he saw his work roles gradually transfer to younger engineers who fit the company's "frat bro" mold.

Old people are rare in the culture of the company. Johnson says that he means anyone over 40 when he talks about old people. Johnson said in the job interview that he was asked if he would be ok working with young people.

Old people are rare in the culture of the company. I mean anyone over the age of 40.

Johnson says he pushed himself harder to live up to Musk's expectations of "hardcore" employees. He was injured in the year after he started at the company. He said he was pushed to leave.

Johnson filed a complaint with the Washington State Human Rights Commission after he resigned, claiming that he was retaliated against for reporting discrimination.

Johnson, who has worked in the optics industry since he was in his 20's, was initially hired as a principal engineer by the company. I didn't think I'd work for the company.

I thought of a lot of stereotypes about me. Johnson wants to break through that. He says he worked up to 12 hours a day for the company in Los Angeles before moving to Redmond, Washington.

Johnson said he found himself lugging many thousands of pounds of instruments and equipment around with pallet jacks while working at the company. Although doctors haven't pinpointed what caused the damage, he says he started feeling the pain while he was at work. He described it as a work-related injury.

Johnson says that before he had back surgery, he was reassigning younger engineers to take over his roles. He returned to work after missing a week of work for surgery. He was given more responsibilities in the coming months.

He says that the engineers who took over from Johnson didn't have the skills to do the job. He wrote that each had a long learning curve ahead. The engineer asked me for training after operating one of the most basic instruments in a lab class. The manufacturing engineer didn't know how to use the basic machine tool.

He writes that an engineer was told by a manager to shadow him if Johnson retired or died. The engineer made a report to HR.

Johnson spoke with HR and sent an email to Shotwell. They said they would look into the matter. Nothing was done to remedy my situation or restore my job duties.

A request for comment by the company was not responded to.

Johnson is just one of many employees who have called out the company for discrimination. Kosak wrote an essay about years of sexual harassment she experienced at the company. A man who used to work for SpaceX is suing the company, saying he was discriminated against due to his age and a medical condition.

Johnson wrote a full story on Lioness. He wants policymakers to hold companies that have contracts with the federal government to higher standards when it comes to their work environments.

It is difficult to go against someone who has a lot of money. I think it is scary. Big government contracts are going to a company that can only find young people to do work. It just doesn't make sense to me.