It's Wednesday.


It was obvious that Wednesday was doing well for the company, it was the #1 show in nearly all countries, and it was followed by a lot of fans on social media. Wednesday was the biggest day in the history of the company, which should lead to a season 2, if not a few more.

Wednesday was the most watched English-language show in a week with 341.23 million hours of viewing. The fact that it was its best season yet and the fact that it had 335 million hours viewed made it impossible for that to pass up.

There is only one show that can be beaten, not by anyone, but by the show that is currently on air. The all-time weekly record with 571.8 million hours viewed is held by Squid Game, which is also the all-time monthly record.

Wednesday is #1 in 83 countries at the same time, making it the most popular show in the world at the same time. 50 million households have watched on Wednesday, according to the company.

It's obvious that Wednesday is getting a season 2, even if it's not official yet. They are making Dahmer follow-up seasons just because the show put up so many big numbers, so more Wednesdays are a no-brainer. Is it going to be renewed for one or two years at a time?

The person who has made out the best from all this is the person who was already a burgeoning Gen Z star, but this has catapulted her to a new level of fame, and while Wednesday may have its flaws as a show, the portrayal of Wednesday Addams is not. I hope the second season of her show is delayed because her agents are making a lot of money.

There will be an announcement in the coming days. We will have to watch it over the next month to see how well it stacks up to other shows. It has been a promising trend for them recently, with a huge performance from Wednesday here and another one in the past few months.

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