A teacher is being punched in a classroom by another teacher.

The wife of the teacher attacked said the incident happened just before noon. She said it left him with a bloody mouth and head injuries.

She asked to remain anonymous when she spoke to Matt Johnson on Channel 2 Action News at 5. My husband is a teacher and I want him to be safe. He enjoys his job.

A student jumped on top of another student who was punching in the video.

He was looking into it.

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The teacher who was hit spoke with the parents of the student who punched him about his poor performance in class. The teacher was beaten in his classroom.

His wife was happy that it wasn't worse than that.

Discipline or criminal charges will be faced by the student. There is some relief that a student felt the need to get involved.

The teacher's wife wanted better security. I don't want a student to pull another student off of my loved one.

There are continuing stories.

Changes to the school board's discipline policy, made earlier this school year, which made standards for tribunals less strict, led to the incident. The number of students involved in fights in the district is increasing.

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