As of next year, it is likely that airline pilots and flight attendants will have to go through airport security at least once a week.

TSA introducing Expedited Crew Access

The known crewmember program will be replaced by a new program called Expedited Crew Access. This would no longer be a joint initiative with the Air Line Pilots Association and Airlines for America, but would be under the control of the transportation security administration.

I haven't seen the document myself, but it's said that this has been outlined in a known crewmember update.

The number of prohibited items being brought through security will be reduced through random screenings.

The known crewmember program allows eligible pilots and flight attendants to pass through airports without having to clear security.

They can pass through the lane without being screened, but they have to use the special lane. Employees will sometimes be randomly selected to be screened, and the number of random screenings has increased recently.

My take on TSA Known Crewmember Program changes

I asked if the known crewmember program should be reconsidered. There has been an increase in the number of people trying to smuggle drugs and other items through these checkpoint.

Maybe some flight attendants don't feel like they have much to lose in their career because of the large amount of money involved in drug dealing. If they can make a living as a flight attendant with a couple of runs, then they might consider it.

What do I think about these changes?

  • On the one hand, I do think it’s time that some changes are made to the Known Crewmember Program, purely based on the number of people who have abused it
  • On the other hand, fully screening pilots and flight attendants will take up more TSA resources and could lead to longer lines at security; furthermore, the TSA isn’t actually very good at finding hidden objects
  • At least in the case of pilots, I think screening is kind of unnecessary, since they’re flying the plane, and if they wanted to do something…
  • Ultimately I also get the argument that the TSA isn’t there to stop drugs, but rather to stop weapons; that being said, if someone is smuggling kilos of cocaine and fentanyl, getting that off the streets (or out of the skies) doesn’t seem like a bad thing

I want to know what the new procedure looks like. All pilots and flight attendants will need to be screened.

Bottom line

Thanks to the known crewmember program, pilots and flight attendants don't have to go through security often. It seems that it's going to be reconsidered with an increase in travelers using these checkpoint to smuggle stuff onto planes.

The known crewmember program will be replaced by Expedited Crew Access. I want to know all the details of what this will be.

What do you think about the news that the known crewmember program is being replaced by expedited crew access?