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In an effort to find a way to circumvent Apple's 30% fee on all in-app purchases, the platformer reported on Tuesday, as CEO Elon Musk engaged in discussions.

Twitter Introduces New Official Badge For Users For Free

As the company tries to circumvent Apple's App Store, the launch has been delayed once again.

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Blue will no longer be offered as an in-app purchase on the iPhone app, according to the platformer.

The launch has been delayed to make some changes according to an internal message shared by a product manager.

Blue's price is going to be raised from $7.99 to $8 and it's also going to require phone number verification.

On Tuesday, Musk intended to restart the service, but this was delayed to a tentative date of December 2nd.

There is no clear date for the launch of Twitter Blue.

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Apple will no longer have to pay a 30% cut of all subscriptions if the service is not offered as an in- app purchase. It is possible that the service will be accessible on the website itself, opening the service to all users. The only way to get it was on the iPad or iPhone. Apple allows app makers to offer services outside of the app. The rules on how apps can lead users to make external purchases have come under fire from other app makers.

News Peg

According to the report, Apple is bleeding ad revenue as earnings from Europe, Middle East and Africa are down 15% compared to the previous year. According to reports, the company is expecting a $12 million revenue loss from the U.K. Major brands are no longer advertising on the platform due to the lack of moderation of hate speech.

On Monday, Musk started feuding with Apple after it was reported that the company had stopped advertising on the platform. According to the Washington Post, Apple lost its advertising dollars in the first quarter, which will be a big blow to the company. Musk accused Apple ofhating free speech. The CEO claimed that Apple had threatened to remove the app from the store and wouldn't tell them why. While Apple has not commented, Musk's approach to moderation and his recent moves to restore accounts which were previously banned by the platform may run afoul of the company's app store policies. Apple requires all App makers to remove any content that is offensive, distasteful, upsetting, intended to disgust, or just plain weird. Parler was kicked off the App Store for failing to moderate "dangerous and harmful content"

Chief Critic

Several top Republican leaders criticized the iPhone maker and warned it could face Congressional action if it removed the social networking site from its app store. Florida Governor Ron Desantis said that removing the social networking site would be a huge mistake and would invite a congressional response. Musk reinstated accounts that were unfairly and illegally suspended for putting out accurate information about Covid, which led to Apple threatening. The policy on harmful misinformation about Covid-19 has stopped being enforced.


Last year, Apple was involved in a high-profile court battle with a video game publisher after it removed the popular game from its App Store for trying to circumvent its rules on in-app payments. A federal judge ruled in September that Apple must give app makers a way to make in-app payments outside of its own system. Apple was not an antitrust monopolist in the sub market for mobile gaming transactions.

Advertising losses are piling up at the micro-blogging site.

There is a new color-coded verification scheme that will be launched next week.