In order to dodge Apple's 30 percent cut of App Store purchases, the Blue subscription may not be available as an in-app purchase on the iPad. The new Blue was only available through the iPad app. It looks like Musk wants to avoid paying Apple's fees.

Musk had said that the new Blue, which allows people to purchase a blue verification check mark, was going to launch on Tuesday after it was paused due to a wave of fakes. A person with direct knowledge of the matter says that the launch has been delayed, as well as platformer. There will be other changes to Blue, including a one-cent price increase from $7.99 to $8 and phone number verification, according to a report.

Musk has been ramping up his attacks on Apple. He called the App Store cut a hidden 30% tax on the internet. He claimed on Monday that Apple has mostly stopped advertising on the social network and that it has threatened to pull the plug on the app store.

Apple hasn't publicly acknowledged Musk's layoffs, but outsiders have speculated that actions like his mass moderation that slashed teams responsible for content, or the decision to bring back suspended accounts and former President Donald Trump could putTwitter at odds with App Store policies.