The company behind the popular Tweetbot app is working on a new app that will integrate with Mastodon.

There are a lot of features that need to be implemented and bugs that need to be worked out, but it is a promising start.

Mastodon has seen a major increase in adoption over the past few weeks, as many people switch over to it following the takeover by Musk. The app now has over one million monthly active users.

It is more difficult to use Mastodon than it is to use Twitter. The website and app are not well known to users of the social networking site.

The design of Ivory is similar to the one used by TweetBot at the moment, with access to a timeline, mentions, search, and other options. The compose button is shaped like a horn and is referred to as "toots" on Mastodon.

A number of features like push notifications and lists are not yet implemented, but if you've moved to Mastodon you'll be happy to hear about the Tapbots project.

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