Yoel Roth was the former head of trust and safety at the micro-blogging site.

At the Knight Foundation's "Informed" conference on Tuesday, he said, "I think Twitter needs Apple more than Apple needs it."

Musk hasn't shown hesitation in teaming up with Apple.

Earlier this week, Musk declared war on the tech giant, accusing it of being a monopoly in a series of social media posts. He questioned whether the company and its CEO, Tim Cook, hate free speech in America, after he claimed that Apple had slowed advertising spending on the social networking site.

Musk said that Apple wouldn't tell him why it had threatened the place.

The chances that Apple will remove the app from the store are not very high.

Apple is a very strategic company. Their main focus is to build products that their customers love. It would have to be very dramatic for Apple to remove the social networking site from the store. Both sides don't want that to happen

Some of the same things that Musk said on the social networking site this week were said byRoth. He said that they should be worried about the governance of the store.