I got a job as a resource manager at Amazon for $124,000 a year. The most money I had ever been offered was 29 years old.

I started two side hustles in order to make more money. I was due to have a baby in September of 2021.

The first side hustle was a YouTube channel where I shared money and career advice, and the second was a digital guide to help people increase their credit scores, based on my experience paying off debt.

While working full-time and being a mom, I made $176,590 in sales over the course of two years.

I was confident that I could leave my job at Amazon in May 2022. Jay left his job to help me.

Most of our income is passive today. I only work two hours a day because we earn so much.

I have learned a lot from the process.

Being vulnerable with my audience is what makes my videos successful. Credit issues and debt are not usually talked about.

I wanted to create a place where I could speak openly about how I struggled with my finances and career, and how I overcame them.

I paid off my student loans and credit card debt with a combination of my income, savings and stock dividends.

The first video I made was about how to deal with debt collection agencies. Within four weeks, it had 160,000 views. We've earned $50,000 from that video alone.

I became a member of the partner program and earned ad revenue. I was able to land major partnership deals because of this.

After watching my first video, viewers asked for more credit advice. The first digital product I created was a do it yourself credit boost kit.

I launched a homebuyers kit in October after getting questions about buying my first home. I put out a digital resume kit when I saw comments about how stuck viewers were with their resume.

I drafted the written portion of the kit's graphic design while Jay worked on it.

The resume kit was priced at $17, the credit kit was $47 and the homebuyers kit was $68. Our audience inspired products make up a large part of our revenue. The Credit boost kit earned us $103k over the course of a year.

I've always put work first. I was guilty of taking time away from it to deal with personal issues.

I knew that had to change when my son wasborn. It was scary to leave a stable 9-to-5 job but I kept going because I wanted to be present for my husband and son.

Sometimes my work life balance feels like a dream. I am able to work 10 hours a week with the help of a part time content manager. I usually put in three to four hours if things get busy.

I usually film videos, conduct brand partnership meetings, and generate marketing and sales emails during my working hours.

I take care of my health, play with my son, go on dates with Jay, and visit my parents the rest of the time.

Jazzy Mac is a finance expert and mother. She creates content about generating passive income, paying off debt and building wealth. She sells educational kits that teach people how to build credit and buy a home. You can follow her on social media.

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