Musk made some controversial changes to the site after purchasing it. He wants to make a place where his ideas of free speech can be allowed, which has resulted in providing "amnesty" to the accounts that were previously banned.

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  • A market misunderstanding
  • Illogical logistics

Apple didn't tell Musk why it threatened to remove the micro-messaging service from its app store. Apple has mostly stopped advertising on the site, but can't seem to figure out why, according to the CEO. The world's richest man is confused as to why a company like Apple would want to take some precautions away from him.

Elon Musk stands looking to his right.
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In response to Liz Wheeler, Musk said that he would make an alternate phone if Apple and Google removed it from their app store. There is a lot of comments about how that would be a good idea.

I certainly hope it does not come to that, but, yes, if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative phone

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 25, 2022

That would be true if the commenters meant a complete disaster. Wheeler claims that the man builds rockets to Mars and that a silly little phone should be easy to use. It's wrong.

A market misunderstanding

Musk thinks that there is a duopoly over the phone market. The two companies control a lot of the industry, but they aren't the only ones making successful phones. Some of the world's most popular devices are made by many different companies. They haven't broken through in the U.S. and Europe like they have done in other parts of the world. It's not the same in Asia and Africa.

The iPhone 14 Pro's camera module.
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

As a basic principle, Musk is coming from a place of misunderstanding because he only partially knows about the phone industry. Musk's potential future phone wouldn't need to compete with other companies It would have to compete with a full global market of excellent devices made by already established companies.

There is no precedent for his success in a good portion of the companies he owns, like the Boring Company's lack of results, and Neuralink's $10 million implant surgery. The exception to that is that ofTesla, but they seem to operate the best outside of Musk. Musk frequently overpromises with all of his businesses, which generally makes the company look bad and like it is at the discretion of a child.

Illogical logistics

There is something of a chokehold on the app store market on the two most popular operating systems. The app would die a quick death if they removed it from their platforms.

If that were to happen, Musk would allegedly make some company start working on an alternative phone that would have a feature that would make it stand out from the crowd. It would not be a selling point for a general audience who have already moved on to new apps at that time.

Nothing Phone 1 Glyph Interface lights.
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It would take several years and millions of dollars to make a new phone and compete with the rest of the market. Carl Pei with Nothing is an example of a niche product that doesn't compete in the way they set out to.

That is for a phone that is still running the operating system. After less than 10 years, Microsoft's attempt to chart its own course with Windows Phone failed. What reason is there for Musk to do it?

It would cost Musk a lot of money to get his fans to switch to his new phone.

Even though Musk has a core group of fans, they aren't enough to support a new entrant in the mobile industry that competes with Apple and Google. It would cost Musk a lot of money to get his fans to buy his new phone. One that could be at risk of catching fire.

An iPhone 14 Pro with a Tesla logo Photoshopped on the back of it.
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The promises that Musk makes sound good on paper. These promises often don't come to pass. It has been more than 10 years since he promised that humans would walk on Mars. I wouldn't be surprised if this phone is a lie.

Even if Apple and Google removed their app stores from their websites, it would be hard for Musk to jump into the smartphone industry because he is tied up with losing money with the social networking site. It seems like it would be simpler and cheaper to follow the rules of the app store. I don't know what to think. I didn't have to buy it.

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