Was there ever any doubt? Igor BonifacicI. Bonifacic|11.29.22
Pixel 7a lede
Steve Hemmerstoffer

The next entry in thePixel A series won't be announced until I/O 2023. We could be waiting as long as six months before the company gives us any significant information on the device. The rumor mill is still going to leak details about the Pixel 7a.

Early renders of the upcoming device have been shared by Steve Hemmerstoffer of OnLeaks fame. The images suggest the Pixel 7a will look similar to its predecessors. The dimensions of the new device are similar to the 6a, with the latter coming in at just over 10mm thick. The phone has a not-so-prominent chin and a cutout for the selfies camera.

Pixel 7a

According to the renders, the Pixel 7a will have a sim tray on its left side, suggesting that the company won't follow Apple's example of going all in on eSIM. It doesn't look like the search giant has decided to bring back the headphone jack; the analog port is nowhere to be found on the Pixel 7a

Features that don't show up in renders are more interesting. The phone is expected to feature an upgraded main camera sensor from Sony and a 90Hz display from SAMSUNG. It's possible that it's the first phone in the series to have wireless charging. At the moment, we have no idea about the device. We are certain to get a full picture of the Pixel 7a when more information leaks or when Google decides to get ahead of the rumors.

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