Jennifer Shealey, a digital-marketing entrepreneur, promotes her services on Fiverr.
Jennifer Shealey, a digital-marketing entrepreneur, promotes her services on Fiverr.
Courtesy of Shealey.

Even as some companies trim workers, both small-business owners and major companies are using freelancer for help.

Some local governments are considering further protections. According to the last year data, one third of the workforce in New York City was not employed by a single employer. Over the last year, more people have left traditional jobs to start their own businesses, according to Powers.

Employers who are looking for skilled talent can find a wide array of specialists who operate as contractors, as well as gig workers, on the freelancer platforms. Business owners can make a lot of money by advertising their services.

This trend has led to the creation of a digital-marketingentrepreneur who targets founders who need help. As of June she had tapped more than 4.2 million active buyers for her digital marketing services.

Customers are either solopreneurs or starting a company and have to play a lot of roles. They need someone to fulfill those roles because they don't have enough time.

For entrepreneurs who are curious about which services are popular, here are seven of the top searches on Fiverr. Insider gave advice for starting a business in these areas.

Jennifer Shealey.
Jennifer Shealey.
Courtesy of Shealey

Many entrepreneurs turn to Fiverr for help with their businesses through strategies such as paid ads, social media marketing, and search engine Optimisation.

According to the most recent quarterly report, searches for "pay-per-click campaigns'' increased by 193% between October 2021.

The Facebook-ad services were offered for $5 per project. Insider verified that her prices range from 15 to $125 per project and she has booked $480,000 in total revenue.

She suggests other entrepreneurs study the same processes she learned by learning important terms and skills.

When determining which services to offer, it's a good idea to look forward. She's adjusting her services to match the needs of her clients because of the growth of e- commerce. She said that more digital image-and-design services are needed.

AJ Camara, a web designer and the founder of Acquired Aesthetic.
AJ Camara, a web designer and the founder of Acquired Aesthetic.
courtesy of Camara

The number of customer searches for "logistic website" increased between October and March.

The increased demand for website development has allowed a new member to find a consistent customer flow.

He initially offered both website development and business branding on the platform, but has since shifted to focus on web services because most customers are looking for that. He said that other sellers should look at their requests to determine what services should be prioritized.

I can offer this for the same quality that you would find at an agency on the platform.

He received enough positive reviews to get a five star rating on the platform. He has booked more than $200,000 in total sales according to documents verified by Insider.

Cathy Hernandez is a cofounder of Agency Social.
Cathy Hernandez is a cofounder of Agency Social.
Courtesy of Hernandez.

There was a 361% increase in demand for social-media-content managers over the course of a year.

Agency Social was founded by John and his wife,Cathy. They offer a variety of social-media services. NFT creation and Web3 are now included in their marketing services. Business consulting rates can go as high as 10,000 dollars.

Agency Social doesn't have employees but does some work for other people on the internet. Insider verified that the cofounders earned $91,137 in sales on the platform in 2011.

Low prices were set for her services. She said that she made a video for $5 so that she could get on the platform.

She raised her prices as she gained more reviews. Agency Social mostly works with small businesses and entrepreneurs who need help with social media.

They know they have to get in the game.

Dani Prado is an interior designer and organizer.
Dani Prado is an interior designer and organizer.
Alessandra Basher

The demand for computer-aided design, or 3D, increased by 297% between October and March.

Her business was called Go!. In 2020 she started working as an organizer on the platform. Insider verified that she made $36,454 in sales last year through the platform.

Prado works with people who want to redesign their homes. She uses 2D and 3D modeling to show her clients rooms she has designed.

The tool helps my clients better understand the layout, the position of the furniture, the decor accents, and to visualize how it will be in their homes.

She starts at $150 and goes up to $690 per project. She offers clients a 5% or 10% discount when they buy more than one room design.

Clients who are looking to decorate their home are looking for more than one room. They want to do more than one room.

Jose Fernando Rico Mercado.
Jose Fernando Rico Mercado.
Courtesy of Rico Mercado.

There was a 3,504% increase in demand for NFT artists over the course of a year.

Jose Fernando Rico Mercado told Insider that he began selling digital artwork for people to mint and sell as NFTs because of the reduced demand for notebook printing. He was able to increase his prices over time because he joined the marketplace.

He told Insider that the first set of artworks sold for $2,000. I raised the price every time I sold it. Around $6,000 was the price.

He charges a lot of money for projects.

The social-media manager doesn't have to be an NFT artist to take advantage of the format. She offers NFT-art creation in conjunction with her marketing services, as well as hiring artists on the marketplace to create pieces for advertising or funding campaigns.

She said that the technology behind the NFT graphic is where the marketing power comes in. If you have people buy into your NFT, you can raise money for related programs.

Carlos Vazquez, Fiverr provider
Carlos Vazquez.
courtesy of Vazquez

The number of searches for "crypto logo" and "crypto promotion" increased by 174% and 185%, respectively, between October 2021.

He said that Vazquez was originally a marketing expert but transitioned into a specialized type of marketing in 2020. He booked $37,000 in sales last year.

One of the services provided by Vazquez is building back-end systems for businesses that want to start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. The product itself is the second thing that's being marketed.

The latter service, which makes up more of his business, requires him to create a specific marketing funnel to bring traders to coins.

One of the most important steps in becoming a provider is learning how to code.

He said that not many people know how to use a contract. It's necessary that you understand how these contracts work.

He talked about the importance of building trust and familiarizing yourself with the community.

He told them to know what their customers wanted. If you don't you won't be able to reach them.

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