There is no magic cure for jet lag, and every traveler has experienced it. Some things can be helpful. One of them is technology.

One of the newest ways to combat jet lag is by using apps, but can your phone really help you when you're stuck in a time zone for 11 hours?

Jet lag is a pesky addition to international travel. ROXIROSITA/GETTY IMAGES

Perhaps so. These five apps can help mitigate jet lag by regulating your body clock, relaxing you enough to sleep or instructing you to do self-acupressure.

Travelers need 30 essential travel apps.


Timeshifter studies what time(s) of the day your eyes should or shouldn’t be exposed to light to combat jet lag. TIMESHIFTER

Timeshifter uses sleep and neuroscience research to give personalized recommendations for travelers. Specifics about your trip and travel plans are taken into account. When to avoid light, take a nap, and stay awake are all suggested by the app. Business travelers who need to be on point during short trips can use the quick-turnaround feature. There is an app for shift workers.

I liked the notifications that told me when to go to sleep, when to get bright light, and how to stay awake. Sometimes they aren't so easy to follow. You won't be able to follow your plan if you're told to sleep on a plane but you can't because of turbulence or if you're tasked with getting bright light but it's raining.

Timeshifter can be found on both theios andandroid devices. Some United elite flyers can get it for free, as long as they have a one-year subscription to the premier 1k program. If you book a hotel with Six Senses, you will receive a complimentary jet-lag plan.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers soothing meditations and beyond. INSIGHT TIMER

Insight Timer is a free app. It may not cure jet lag, but listening to a yoga nidra sequence or the sounds of meditation bells can help you relax after you arrive at your destination. There should be one or many meditations that fit your needs.

Insight Timer can be downloaded from the App Store or the Play Store. If you don't like Insight Timer, there are many other meditation and relaxation apps that you can use.

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There are apps for staying calm during turbulent times.


StopJetLag uses science to create trip plans. STOPJETLAG

StopJetLag gives personalized advice for travelers to reset their body clocks and beat jet lag by telling them when and when not to sleep, when to eat, and when to exercise. If you input your trip summary, you will get a personalized, downloadable plan with all the information you need to know.

If you haven't yet purchased a plane ticket, the best flying times could be useful.

The interface of the app feels dated, but we love that you can arrange for it to pull your itineraries directly from Trip It. StopJetLag is available for free on the App Store and the Play Store. Each plan costs 45 dollars.


BetterSleep offers white noise and ASMR to help you relax and sleep anywhere. BETTERSLEEP

A white-noise app can help you sleep when you're at your destination or when you're at the airport. Animals, city, music, nature, and binaural beats are some of the sound categories in Better Sleep. You can layer several sounds at once, adjusting the volume of each until you find the perfect mix of city rain, Zen piano and cat meows. You can save it if you find your favorite combination.

Some of the plans included in the app were created for jet lag or sleeping better during travel.

BetterSleep is available for both mobile devices. Premium plans with more sounds start at $59.99 a year.


Acupressure may actually help with your jet lag, according to Uplift. UPLIFT

The app uses biorhythmic acupressure to help jetlagged travelers reset. Once you fill in your trip itinerary, Uplift gives you a few exercises to do upon landing, which include putting pressure on different points on your body for a minute here and a minute there.

After trying it out on a trip from Madrid, Spain, to San Jose, Costa Rica, I think it helped me adjust to the new time zone quicker. I didn't wake up at odd hours throughout the night.

You can download Uplift for free for 60 days. It costs $19.99 a year for unlimited travel exercises.

Give these apps a try

Can anything cure your jet lag? It's possible that maybe not. These apps can help shorten jet lag's annoying symptoms or make you feel better during your trip. The jet lag remedies offered by these apps are very useful.