An iPhone screen prompt asks a user to confirm if they want to remove the Twitter app from the device.

Yesterday, Musk asked if Apple hates free speech because the company isn't spending as much on advertising. Apple has stopped advertising on the social networking site. Do they dislike free speech in the US? He wrote. What's happening here attim_cook?

Musk didn't say how Apple's ad spending is related to free speech. He claimed that Apple threatened to remove the social network from the app store.

Musk later wrote, "Apple has threatened to not sell Apple products in the App Store, but won't say why." Musk didn't explain how Apple conveyed the message to the social network.

There is a real problem. Most of the internet is controlled by Apple and Google through their app stores, wrote Musk today.

Twitter moderation laxer under Musk

Many developers complain about app updates being rejected without a good explanation when they are rejected from the App Store. It's possible that Apple is concerned about the moderation of content.

After Parler was kicked off the app store by Apple, it was allowed back on in April 2021. Parler was allowed to return to work in September 2021.

Before Musk bought the company, mass layoffs and resignations made it harder to enforce the content moderation rules. Some of Musk's statements yesterday suggest that he isn't happy with Apple's stance on COVID misinformation.


If Apple responds, we will update this article. Musk said on Friday that he would make an alternative phone if the two tech giants removed the micro-messaging service from their stores.

Musk: “Who else has Apple censored?”

"During Covid, Apple demanded our apps filters some search terms from being returned," Musk shared on his verified account.

Musk wrote that Apple suppressed free speech. The customers were not told. What's happening here? The app developer claimed that Apple wouldn't allow anything related to Covid, including vaccines or human origins of the virus.

Musk said that if done in conjunction with the government, Monopolies should be subject to the same limits we placed on our government in the Bill of Rights.

Users were asked if Apple should publish all the actions it has taken that affect its customers.

Musk criticized Apple for having a secret 30% tax on everything they sell. Apple's App Store commission is a well-known fact and is the subject of a lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games in which dozens of state attorneys general sided with the latter. Under a rule change made in 2020, Apple's commission is 15 percent for developers with less than $1 million of revenue.

This is a battle for the future of civilization. tyranny is all that is left if free speech is lost.