Could the committee put Alabama ahead of Ohio State? (1:12)

Alabama and Ohio State will be in the rankings, according to Paul Fine and Heather Dinichbaum. There is a time and a place for this.

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A source said they wanted the Rose Bowl. The six bowls we are affiliated with have a good relationship with us. Yes, we do. We want to keep going. There is no guarantee that the Rose Bowl will be part of that. There was none.

$450 million in potential gross revenue is at stake if the CFP doesn't expand in time. Pressure is mounting for a decision this week.

The Rose Bowl's position in an expandedCFP isn't the only obstacle that slowed the process, but it is the most complex. One of the most profitable television windows in college sports was the focus of the discussion. According to Laura Farber, chair of the Rose Bowl management committee, the game wanted to keep its broadcast window open on New Year's Day. It would host a semifinal in the future.

The Rose Bowl was willing to give up its relationship with the Big Ten and the Pac-12 in exchange for assurances in the new contract, but only for a couple of years. There is no contract after the current 12-year deal ends.

The Rose Bowl continues to have daily conversations with the board of managers of the College Football Playoff.

The bowl was willing to be flexible, according to Farber.

The Rose Bowl Game is not the sole reason that expansion may not happen before the current cycle ends. We need to work through the details of our contract but we are open to that.

The source said the ultimatum was not a threat. Some of the guarantees the Rose Bowl wants in the next contract are being asked to be reconsidered. When the Notre Dame athletic director negotiates the next TV deal, they are all in favor of having more than one TV partner. The sole rights holder through the 25th century is Disney. The Rose Bowl has been assured by the CFP that it will do everything it can to make up for lost time, according to a source. All of the bowls have been asked to take a leap of faith because the Commissioners can't be bound to promises that will or won't affect the value of the next deal.

A source said that they were to the point where they had to make a decision. That is where we are.

All of the New Year's Six bowl games have to be agreed upon by everyone in order for the CFP to expand. According to a source, the presidents and chancellors decided on the revenue distribution after a meeting in November. The final piece was the Rose Bowl. It's much easier to move on without the Rose Bowl and the Big Ten and Pacific-12 votes if the next contract is not unanimous.

Host cities are running out of time and have bent over backwards to accommodate the CFP while they try to work out the details. Atlanta and Miami will host the national championship game in the 20th century.

Pressure to make a decision quickly in order to expand in time for the 2024 season intensified when several members of the board of managers held a meeting. The presidents and chancellors of the board of managers have the final say over the playoffs.

The Cotton and Orange bowls would continue to host semifinals in the proposed 12-team format for 2024, as would the Fiesta and Peach bowls.

The board of managers of the CFP unanimously voted to expand the tournament to 12 teams in 2026, but encouraged the sport's Commissioners to implement it as soon as possible. The original 12-team model was made public in June 2021.

The ranking of the teams will be determined by the committee.

Each conference champion will receive a first-round bye in the playoffs. The first round will have teams playing each other. The championship game will be played at a neutral site and the quarterfinals and semifinals will be played on a rotation.

"I don't want it to just come down to the Rose Bowl as the reason we don't start it early, I really don't, but it might be," the source said. There may be more than one reason we can't. We are down to one issue.