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Hundreds of people are expected at our third space focused event. The most influential space tech founders, investors, scientists, engineers, government officials, and military brass will give you their opinions.

Here is a sample of what will be happening at the event, and you can find more information in the agenda.

The space workforce is preparing and employing the next generation.

There are enormous opportunities to explore new frontiers, grow the economy and strengthen our security in the space age. Making the most of this momentous time requires an innovative workforce that can use diverse experiences and perspectives to solve hard problems.

The Space Workforce 2030 pledge is a first-of-its-kind effort launched earlier this year that is bringing together more than 30 of the country's leading space companies to work together to increase diversity. The president and CEO of theAerospace Corporation will talk about the work they are doing to inspire, prepare and employ the next generation of scientists and engineers and how you can help.

When it comes to space-related startups, what are the priorities of investors who have supported them in the past? Private space capital should expect a long economic downturn if we are going to settle in for a long period of time. With Jory Bell, general partner, Playground Global; Mark Boggett, co-founder and CEO, Seraphim Space; and Emily Henriksson, principal,ROOT VENTURES

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