This is not the same as the rowdy passengers that Ryanair is known for.

Ryanair passengers have inflight rave on Edinburgh to Ibiza flight

There was chaos on a flight from Edinburgh to Ibiza. The flight is only now getting media attention. Some passengers filed a complaint with the airline but only received a form response. A couple is coming forward with their story.

According to passengers, there was a group of roughly 70 travelers who were partying the entire flight, which lasted three hours. They were excited to go on vacation, but they were partying in the aisle, downing full-size bottles of spirits that were purchased at duty free, and harassing other passengers.

The passenger describes the atmosphere on the plane.

“There was no control over that plane at all. It was horrific from the minute we got on. There were about 70 of them who all came from the same area. They had a big black speaker at the highest volume you could get which was blaring for three hours.”

“They were banging on the roof, taking their tops off, and opening their drink that they had bought at duty free. The only time Ryanair came near them was to serve them more drink. I didn’t even want to go to the toilet because they were getting drunker and drunker.”

“My husband went to the bathroom and on his way back, this guy hit my husband’s hand as if to do a high five but then gave him the fingers. The other passengers were getting really annoyed at this behaviour and it could have erupted into a full-blown war.”

“People were scared to go to the toilet but they were scared they were going to get head-butted or hit with a bottle of Grey Goose that was flying about that they had bought at duty-free.”

It would appear that the situation on the flight was just as bad as it is being described, and that this wasn't an exaggerated situation.

This is terrible, even by Ryanair standards

I feel bad for Ryanair flight attendants, they don't work directly for the airline, they work for a third party, and they have a quota of how many scratch cards and drinks they have.

It is one thing if passengers are having a good time, but it is another thing if they have completely crossed the line. It's a violation of aviation regulations to drink your own booze. Passengers were drinking out of duty free handles.

The crew didn't do much to manage the situation, and police didn't meet the flight The couple claimed that the company didn't give assurances that it wouldn't happen again.

The traveler said it was according to him.

“The response from Ryanair was a joke. I didn’t expect any else though to be honest. They’ve got you there because it’s cheap flights but even though it’s a bargain, you shouldn’t have to go through that. Passenger safety comes first.

“When we went to land, there was a storm which was bad enough. The air hostess was shouting over the speaker to sit down or the plane wasn’t going to land because they were all still standing up.”

“There were no police waiting for them at the airport. I understand that they were happy and excited about going on their holiday. I’ve flown to Ibiza for the last 16 years to the same wee place. I’ve seen a bit of partying on the flights before but nothing like this.”

A spokesman for the airline had the following to say.

“A group of passengers on this flight from Edinburgh to Ibiza became disruptive mid-flight. To diffuse the situation and minimise any disruption to passengers, crew made several announcements throughout the flight and refused to serve more than two alcoholic drinks to each passenger. Passengers ceased their disruptive behaviour before landing safely in Ibiza.”

The crew only sold two more drinks to the passengers who already had their own alcohol. C'mon...

Bottom line

The poorly behaved passengers were on an Ibiza bound flight. A group of 70 people were partying in the aisles, playing their own music on speakers, consuming their own alcohol, and taking their tops off, while the crew did very little to manage the situation.

Maybe I need to go to Ibiza. It would be an interesting review.

What do you think about this event?