From left, Jake Flint, Eliza Bee, Kierston White and Stoney LaRue perform at the 2019 Bob Childers’ Gypsy Cafe songwriters festival, a Stillwater fundraising event for the nonprofit Red Dirt Relief Fund
From left, Jake Flint, Eliza Bee, Kierston White and Stoney LaRue perform at the 2019 Bob Childers’ Gypsy Cafe songwriters festival, a Stillwater fundraising event for the nonprofit Red Dirt Relief Fund

Jake and his bride, Brenda, didn't seem to let the wet weather affect their spirits as they exchanged vows on Saturday at a remote homestead.

He rented a circus tent in the rain. My stage was set on the ground after they put up a bunch of carpets over the mud. Jake asked if that would be alright for him. I went to Jake and said, "That's perfect." Mike Hosty said that a piece of plywood or a trailer is where he shines.

The wedding was fun, but I still have the mud in my van. What happened is a tragedy.

Hosty was told thatFlint had died in his sleep just hours after his wedding.

He was a singer-songwriter, a big personality, a big heart, and he would bend over backwards to help you. Hosty said that playing at a wedding is one of the most important days of the year.

I like to remember the happy moment when they were married, but I also feel for the other person.

The Oklahoma music community was in shock and grief after learning of the sudden death ofFlint. Clif Doyal, his publicist, told The Oklahoman that he died in his sleep after his wedding.

The cause of death is still not known.

He was a dear friend and a great client. He was loved by everyone. He had an amazing sense of humor, and I think that's why he was so popular. Doyal said that he made everyone laugh and felt welcome.

He was a Red Dirt ambassador.

Up-and-coming Red Dirt musician released four albums

He was the son of a wildcat oilman and a hard-working mother of two.

He began playing music after his father was diagnosed with a fatal disease. Since he wouldn't be able to participate in sports with his son, his father commissioned a couple of friends to teach the future Red Dirt up-and-comer to play guitar and go to regional bluegrass festivals.

Along with his love for bluegrass,Flint's musical influences included 1990s rockers like Pearl Jam and Guy Clark, as well as Texas singer-songwriters like Tom Skinner and the Great Divide.

"I'm Not Okay" isFlint's first album and was recorded at The Boohatch, the former home studio of The Great Divide's Mike McClure.

You could tell that he was very fond of it. The Irish band that he brought in had some old Irish instruments, and they did some really cool stuff with Jake. He decided to do his album in my place after his original songs caught my attention. He did an album for other people.

If you needed something, he was there. He worked on his own music and tried to pave the way for other artists that hadn't recorded yet.

"Live and Socially Distanced at Mercury Lounge" was one of three more albums recorded and released by Flint.

He had three singles on the Texas Regional Radio Report, "Cowtown", "Long Road Back Home" and "What's Your Name", and was named the winner of the We Are Tulsa Music Awards.

He played with his band and as a solo acoustic act at venues all over Oklahoma, Texas and surrounding states and was included on the lineup of Sooner State festivals. The Red Dirt Relief Fund countedFlint as a loyal supporter.

He was very knowledgeable about streaming immediately after the Pandemic started. He did a lot of streaming projects for us. The executive director of the Red Dirt Relief Fund said that he produced the whole thing when they did a virtual Skinner Fest in 2020.

She said that he managed the streaming for the stage he played on.

He was a hard worker. His background was in the oil and gas industry. He was a really hard worker. He was much larger than the average person. He made a lot of friends quickly. He went out of his way for people. This is a devastating blow.

Dale has been in touch with the family to offer any assistance they need. She expected there would be no problem filling out the lineup if there was a benefit or tribute concert.

Oklahoma Red Dirt singer-songwriter Jake Flint has died at age 37.

Oklahoma musicians pay homage to Red Dirt singer-songwriter

A number of Oklahoma musicians have taken to Facebook to show their respect forFlint.

"If there's a heaven and they let me in, I know it's because you went to bat for me, Jake," wrote a member of the VIIDR - Seventh Day Rebellion. Buffalo Rogers said that the world has a dimmer sparkle without him.

I have never met an artist like that before. Jake had a long time to build that. He was LOVED by everyone. Jake had no enemies in the world. He had a good business mind and was willing to help anyone.

We are still reeling in the shock and disbelief of this. It's life, we have lost friends and family. I don't think I've ever seen such a cruel set of circumstances with the death of a loved one. It's hard to become a bride and a widow in a day. I don't know what she's going through.

The message "I don't understand" was posted to Facebook by the wife of the man.

Hosty posted a video from the wedding that shows him serenading his bride.

We went to the barn and someone had an acoustic guitar and people were passing it around. The people were singing around the campfire. Hosty said he better record the song as he was singing.

He had a distinctive voice and I think he would want his legacy to be remembered in that way. I believe it will be.

There are services that are still pending.

JakeFlint died just hours after his wedding.