Some staff in Europe have not received their November salaries in a timely manner, which is being investigated by the company.

The staff in the UK received an email just before 1 pm London time on November 25 telling them they would be paid on November 28. The payslips were sent with the email from the payroll team. Staff in the UK and Germany didn't get paid on time.

It has come to our attention that some of you may not have received your salary in your bank account. With no change to the process, the payments went through our bank account.

This might be a delay in Interbank settlement, but the company is investing with our bank and will keep you posted.

According to four sources in the UK and Germany, they did not receive their salaries on time.

Current and former staff should be paid according to the terms of their release from the company.

The staff are usually paid on the 28th of the month. Staff usually see their salary as a pending payment on Friday, with the cash hitting their accounts by midnight on Saturday if the day falls on a Monday.

Twitter has already been criticized by former staff for not paying their expenses on time. Former Twitter employees who incurred expenses while still working for the company are owed thousands in expenses that are gathering debt on their personal bank accounts. Much of Twitter's payroll staff resigned in mid-November after Musk's work-long-hours-or-quit ultimatum.

While staff in the UK and Germany have not been paid, those in the Netherlands and Ireland have been suggesting that the problem is one of staffing and operations. One former UK staff member said that the company was not running well.


Expenses were incurred by the former staff member while they worked there. The former employee said that they would try to save the job. You are told you will not be paid if you are fired. Direct Debits are starting to be taken from an empty account.

I am ashamed that I trusted the words of the senior staff who are enjoying their money while the rest of us are suffering. That is a very harsh way to get people to stop working.

By midday UK time, some staff members reported they were being paid with a payment reference atypical of howTwitter would usually pay their salaries, though one former employee estimated around 80% of workers had not been paid by around 1 pm UK time.

A former staff member shared a picture with Ars that showed a payment had been made. At least 20 people had to make calls to their mortgage providers because of a lack of funds because their salary did not arrive in time, according to an ex-employee.

According to those with access to the group, some staff in the UK haven't been paid yet. The recipients of the email were told that receiving banks were being audited.

It was reported that payments were coming from different banks that were not usually used to pay salaries.

A request to comment on the story was not responded to. It's not clear if any communications staffers are still employed after they were laid off.