Cities and Memory claims that it is the world's biggest collection of obsolete and vanishing sounds. There are over 150 sounds that are rare, ranging from sounds in retro video games to recordings of old-fashioned transport.

The sound of an old modem connecting to the internet was the first sound clip I looked for. Computers would scream when you went online in the 90s. One person recently described the piercing screech as a sign of things to come.

Obsolete Sounds is intended to highlight the sounds that are worth preserving.

You might want to check out the old analogue radio and the old Seagate hard disk drive, as well as the classicNokia ringtone from the 5 120 phone. If you are a fan of mechanical keyboards, I would suggest you avoid the recording of an Apple iBook Duo 230, which features the most horrible key presses I have ever heard. One of the seven typewriter recordings is a good choice.

Over 150 musicians and sound artists have contributed to the remixes of each of the sounds. They are designed to evoke memories and feelings.

Stuart Fowkes saidObsolete Sounds is designed to draw attention to the world's disappearing soundscape, to highlight those sounds that are worth preserving, and to help us think about how to save those sounds before it's too late. As part of a previous project, the organization collected over 5,000 sounds from over 1,000 artists around the world.

Right here, you can give them a listen.