You will be able to chat with yourself on the messaging service. It is possible to keep a piece of information easily accessible by sending messages to your own account.

Users can send notes, reminders and shopping lists to themselves on the messaging app.

The Meta-owned instant messaging app has a new feature that will be rolled out in the coming weeks. It was tested with some people who were still in the early stages of testing. According to the company, the feature has begun to roll out around the world.

When a user creates a new chat, they will see their contact at the top of the list. They can use the chat screen if they tap that contact.

Some users have been using a workaround for a while since the native feature to message yourself was added. The app has a feature that allows you to send messages to yourself. Users no longer need to use the URL in order to self-chat.

If users don't want to search for self-chat messages in their chat list, they can pin them to the top of the conversation list.

Signal has a feature called "Note to Self" that allows you to create messages for your own use. Signal doesn't suggest your own profile at the top of the recipient list, which is different from the new feature that is accessible from the top of the contact list. To use the feature, users have to search and select the contact.

A dedicated space on the platform called "Jot Something Down" allows users to send notes to themselves.

Telegram has a similar feature called Saved Messages that allows users to save their notes and reminders in the future, as well as bookmarks any important messages. From the top of the chats screen, you can see messages that have been saved. To access the feature, Telegram users need to tap on the hamburger menu on both phones.