A former federal prosecutor said that it was a sign of desperation for Donald Trump to attack the wife of the special prosecutor.

Glenn Kirschner slammed Trump for his "inane accusations" against veteran prosecutor Jack Smith, who was recently appointed to oversee the probes into Trump's handling of classified documents and his attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

Trump and his allies are upset that Smith's wife worked as a producer on "Becoming" and donated money to Biden's campaign. In a Truth Social post last week, Trump claimed that Smith was a "hard-line Radical Left Special Counsel" and that the Justice Department was being weaponized against him.

Trump is acting desperate because he knows he's going to be held accountable.

He thought that Trump's strategy would fail. Do you think about it? Wouldn't it be great if the target of an investigation could cause a conflict by attacking the prosecutor's spouse, and then convince people that the prosecutor must go? Do you mean family member? This won't work.

It was ridiculous to suggest that the spouse of a prosecutor can't have political beliefs.

The prosecutor cannot go after corrupt or criminal Republican politicians if the prosecutor's spouse is a democrat. That's ridiculous.

Think about the inverse. The prosecutor should not be allowed to go after Democrats if the prosecutor spouse is a democrat.

The prosecutor cannot prosecute anyone who is a Republican or a Democrat if the prosecutor's spouse is political.

The partners of federal prosecutors can engage in political activity and make political donations.

Many conservatives were quick to criticize Smith's wife's views as a conflict of interest, but did not join the uproar when it was revealed that she was an avid supporter of Trump. While she was a conservative activist, she was also involved in an effort to overturn the election.