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Whatever the Washington Commanders do, they should expect the worst. It has been proven this way for a while now. At FedEx Field on Sunday morning, they emphasized that sentiment when they unveiled atribute to Sean Taylor.

On the 15th anniversary of Taylor's death, the life-size figurine was supposed to be an offer. The whole ceremony seems to have been thrown together at the last moment. In the organization that put up the mannequin, there is a clear sign of that. Reebok sponsored Taylor during his time with the team. The team has access to his pictures. It isn't hard. The mannequin is wearing shoes. Coordination is needed here.

Fans were expecting a statue. Most Washington faithful had an issue with the memorial. After the dramatic reveal, the crowd in attendance realized what they had just watched. The memorial for Taylor was ruined by Washington and the others.

Fans should have expected Washington to misplace this memorial. Fans always hope for the best for their teams and players. Fans couldn't get that from the family. Since Taylor was a member of the team, the Commanders have not been able to advance past the playoffs.

The team needs to be sold quickly, and the league needs to do everything it can to speed up the process. Washington bungled it with their stupidity and this was supposed to be simple. With all the allegations of sexual harassment and toxic culture within the organization, you would think the team would want to get something like this right. The Washington Commanders blooper reel will be added to because this should have been a slam dunk.