A New York City pharmaceutical heiress claims that her mother paid a $300-a-day "deprogrammer" after she thought her daughter had been "brainwashed" by attending an all-female liberal college.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, the 29-year-old said that she left school depressed and anxious. Everything was seen through the lens of oppression and bias. I was at the school to see everyone the same. I assumed that all White men were sexist when I left. My thoughts weren't mine.

A former competitive figure skater who grew up on the Upper East Side told the Post that she was excited to attend Mount Holyoke College in 2011.

Unlike other first-year students, she did not participate in the "MoHo chop." She noticed a shift in herself after taking a gender studies class.


The professor tells me about the patriarchy. I don't know what the word means. I wasn't sure what she was talking about. I wasn't a fan of feminism. I knew I had the freedom to do what I wanted. I didn't ever experience sexism. You don't know that the patriarchy has been working against you your whole life. You didn't know that you've been discriminated against. It's time to fight it. I just got down the rabbit hole.

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She said her relationship with her mother was different.

"I felt I had to teach her how she was wrong and expose her to everyone who didn't understand what she was saying," he stated. The professors encouraged the parents to leave. They would tell you to stay with them for the holiday. Most of my classmates thought the same. You were ostracized if you didn't do something.

According to the Post, her mother thought her daughter had been manipulated. She admitted that she threw a vase through a window at the family home in Palm Beach, Florida. She enlisted the help of her daughter's former tennis coach, Scott Williams, but was warned it would take seven years before she would return to her old ways.

The person said it was like walking a tightrope If I let go, I could not see her again. It was worse than trying to get a child off the street. Everyone knows it won't happen to their child. However, it will. The professors and older students tell the students how special they are and how important it is to stop the oppression.

Laura Loomer, a conservative activist and former Mount Holyoke College student, spoke to the Post about how she left the college due to being bullied.

The University of Chicago's whiteness class is sparking controversy.

The culture there was all about being a lesbian and being a man. At a time when places like Harvard took men, the Seven Sisters were designed to be elite institutions for women. They aren't places for ideas and debate anymore. They're centers for teaching.

She said that if a child were sent there, they would hate the patriarchy and White people. It is a bastardization of higher education to weaponize naive young women in order to advance a toxic agenda.

She worked for Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign after graduating with a history degree.

"If my mom hadn't harping at me and not giving up, I know where I would be right now," he said. My mother was the one who met its match. If it wasn't for her, I'd be living in Massachusetts, working for a super-progressive politician, and hanging out with people I had nothing in common with except ideology and drinking. I wouldn't be happy. I wouldn't want to look at myself in the mirror. I had to accept that I was wrong. Everything I was told was not true.

During the George Floyd protests, her views began to change.

Everything I'd been taught at Mt. was reflected in my social media feed. "We're in Holyoke." Everyone had the black square and it was empty. I was starting to wonder why we were burning down businesses in the first place. How is this helping the black community? It makes no sense. It started to click when it saw how hypocritical it was.

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In a campus environment where "diversity of opinion was never allowed", she said her intention was not to malign other classmates.

Fox News Digital reached out to Mount Holyoke College, but they didn't reply immediately.