As Republicans look to deprive the lawmaker of a major victory that could aid, the side deal with Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer is on life support.

Republicans view Manchin's West Virginia Senate seat as a top pickup opportunity in the next election, which is why they are trying to strike a deal on permitting reform with Manchin.

One of the Republican negotiators on permitting reform said that they were still exchanging ideas.

It is possible that permitting reform legislation will be passed before January if Manchin runs for a fourth term. Donald Trump won West Virginia with 68.6 percent of the vote.

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Manchin told The Hill that he is running every day but wouldn't say when he will make his decision.

If he runs again, he expects a hard race.

I have never ran without opposition. He said that he had always expected rigorous competition. I am looking forward to watching the Republican primary fireworks. There will be a lot of people in the primary.

Manchin doesn't plan to make an announcement about his political future anytime soon, but he is going to put himself in a position to help his state and country.

In West Virginia, where fossil fuel is the "life's blood" of the state economy, getting the Mountain Valley Pipeline authorized would be a big win, according to Ford O'Connell.

Manchin is under attack for voting for the inflation reduction act. He would get political cover if permitting reform was passed as a reward.

It would be political malpractice to give Manchin a victory on permitting reform, according to O'Connell.

More than 3,700 construction jobs would be created in West Virginia if the Mountain Valley Pipeline is built.

Republicans should not give Manchin any victories, according to a Republican strategist.

It would be foolish to allow a weak permitting reform bill to pass and give Manchin a victory when he is facing a very difficult reelection.

Last week, Manchin was dealt a blow when Rogers said there was no chance of permitting reform being added to the defense authorization bill.

At a time when the supply of oil from Saudi Arabia is becoming less reliable, permitting reform is important to national defense.

Saudi Arabia said that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries could cut production again.

Manchin said that all of them agreed that permitting reform was needed. We need to be able to produce and sell products.

He said this was all about energy independence. I hope everyone knows we need to do something

Manchin will continue to play a pivotal role in next year's Senate, which will be divided 50-50 or 51-47 depending on the outcome of the Dec. 6 Georgia runoff, with Democrats in control of a narrow majority due to Vice President Harris' tiebreaking vote.

Manchin appears to be getting ready for another Senate run, according to Mike Plante.

I think he might do that. He is still raising money. He doesn't call it in when he's in the state. He is all over the place meeting with people and going to events. He said that he hasn't slowed down. I believe he will win if he runs for reelection.

At the end of September, Manchin had $9 million in his campaign account.

Schumer told reporters that he hopes to get at least 10 Republican votes for the permitting reform bill as part of the commitment he made in July to secure the West Virginia senator's vote for a sweeping tax reform, climate spending and prescription drug reform bill.

There weren't enough Republican votes when we tried it. He said last week that he was working with Manchin.

The permitting reform proposal was pulled off the floor in late September because we couldn't get enough Republican votes to attach it to a short-term funding bill.

It would take a miracle for Manchin's bill to pass before the new year, according to a Senate Republican aide.

The source said that Manchin didn't include enough Republican input into the legislation. I wouldn't be surprised if something came out on permitting.

Manchin made an agreement with Schumer to vote for the reconciliation package this summer, a source said.

The permitting reform bill was not included in the package because it was not approved by the Senate parliamentarian.

When he announced his deal in July, Manchin said that Biden, Schumer and Pelosi had committed to advance a suite of commonsense permitting reforms that would speed up the construction of energy infrastructure.

The deal has been complicated by Pelosi stepping down. There is no guarantee that Hakeem Jeffries will follow through on the bargain.

The chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources wrote a letter to Pelosi. They asked them to exclude harmful permitting provisions from must-pass legislation.

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