Small child standing on top of tray table on an airplane
  • A nine-second video of a toddler disrupting other passengers on a plane is being debated online.

  • Parents are being called out for allowing their child to be unruly.

  • Families flying with young children is a topic that is hot on the internet.

Parents who allow their toddler to disturb other passengers on an eight hour flight are being debated on the internet.

A small child can be seen jumping up and down on a tray table, shaking the seat in front of her, as a man bounces around in a video that was posted on the "Public Freakout" forum.

Many users called out the parents for allowing their child to run wild on the flight which the user who posted the video said was eight hours long. Since it was posted on Tuesday, it has received over 20,000 votes and over 1000 comments.

It's not clear where the family is from or which flight it was, but users speculated that the child was from the US. There was a discussion on how the parents and the man who was disturbed should handle the bouncing toddler.

One user said that he would feel like a failed parent if his children were doing this.

"I'm hitting the recline button timed with the jump and hoping the extra few inches of force is enough to make the tray table snap," one comment said.

The man didn't speak up in the nine-second clip of the incident, which many criticized.

When it comes to families flying with small children, there has been a lot of debate. A mother was praised for asking a stranger to swap seats on a plane after she documented the "WIN-WIN" deal for TikTok.

Anna Lyn Cook offered another passenger a seat with more space in exchange for his seat next to her family. Commenters pointed out that Cook went about her request in the correct way.

I wouldn't ask anyone to switch seats unless I could give them a better choice. I would be happy if they didn't want to. Cook wrote in the caption of her video that they always pay extra to get the seats they want.

The New York Post reported that another TikToker got backlash for not moving seats so that a family of three could sit together. Friedman encouraged families to plan in advance if they wanted to sit together.

As a fellow mom, she's not a villain for not giving up her seat.

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