He said that he was invited to dinner at Mar-a-Lago by West. He showed up with three of his friends who I didn't know anything about. Many people were present on the back patio for dinner. The dinner was easy to prepare. They went to the airport.

In an extremely early 2024 campaign cycle, the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination broke bread with a man who frequently posts racist content and Holocaust revisionism, brought there by a rapper who is launching his own presidential campaign under the shadow of his own antisemitic views.

The Democratic National Committee believes that breaking bread with Nick Fuentes would disqualify Trump. The most extreme views have found a home in the GOP.

The White House said bigotry, hate, and antisemitism have no place in the United States. It is repugnant and dangerous to deny the Holocaust.

It shows how few guards are in place within the former president's political operation.

People in Trump's circle denied the former president met with Fuentes at all. It was later discovered that he dined with him after meeting with him.

Karen Giorno confirmed to POLITICO that she was at the dinner with Trump and West.

Trump was wrong to distance himself from white supremacy, according to a series of offensive and racist statements made by the host of the show. He has been removed from a number of websites. Less than a week after the former president announced he was seeking reelection and less than a month after West made antisemitic comments that cost him millions of dollars in endorsements, Trump is having dinner with the man.

In a separate statement, Trump denied knowing who Fuentes was, but he arrived with a guest whom he had never met. The Truth Social post didn't include a denunciation of West's or Fuentes' comments.

In a video titled "Mar-a-lago debrief," West talked about the dinner He said that Trump was frustrated by Fuentes because he was a loyalist and unlike so many of the lawyers and people that he was left with.

He asked Trump why he didn't free the January sixers. I came to him because I love him. I told him to get the people that the media told him to leave. Giorno and Roger Stone are both pictured in the video.

Describing the event to Milo Yiannopoulos, a far-right provocateur who he hired to help with his campaign, West said that Trump was "screaming" at him during the dinner.

Trump told me I was going to lose. Does that work for anyone in history? West said, "Whoa, whoa, hold on, hold on Trump, you're talking to Ye"

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