During the eight months that the city of Kherson was occupied by Russia, staff at the hospital faked a COVID-19 outbreak in order to ward off troops.

The first major Ukrainian city taken by Russian forces was Kherson. The regional capital was held for eight months before Russian officials decided to retreat.

The doctor spoke to The Wall Street Journal about how he and his colleagues tried to prevent the Russians from taking over the hospital.

The hospital couldn't become a Russian hospital according to the chief physician. I couldn't leave them, they felt that way.

The hospital was supposed to be turned into a military hospital after the Russians invaded the city. The hospital was dealing with a disease. He wore full protective gear, such as a body suit and foot covers, and the staff put warnings up on the hospital walls.

The hospital remained in the hands of the Ukrainians despite the troops leaving.

Russian soldiers ordered him to take down the Ukrainian flag at the hospital but he refused. He told the soldiers they could shoot him, but he wouldn't remove it.

The stories of Ukrainian resistance have poured out of Kherson since the retreat earlier this month, thanks to the detailed account of the way he and other hospital staff resisted a Russian takeover of the hospital.

The effects of the war are still being dealt with. Due to the destruction of the city's power infrastructure, the Ukrainian government has offered to help citizens leave. The latest shelling killed at least 10 civilians and injured dozens more.