On Saturday, the capsule traveled farther than any spacecraft designed to carry humans had before.Igor BonifacicI. Bonifacic|11.26.22
A photo of NASA's Orion crew vehicle, with the Earth in the background.

A new record has been set for a NASA flight. The previous record for the farthest spaceship designed to carry humans had been set by Apollo 13 in 1970. The distance from Earth to the body of water was approximately 400,000 kilometers.

Jim Geffre said that the way to stress the systems of Orion was on the distant retrograde. We were able to pass the Apollo 13 record when we were above the moon. It was more important that we push the boundaries of exploration and send spaceships farther than we had before.

Mission Time: 10 days, 8 hrs, 27 minOrion is 249,666 miles from Earth, 53,687 miles from the Moon, cruising at 2,054 miles per hour.P: (94960, -206242, -113015)V: (2045, 192, -45)O: 287º, 140.6º, 135.7º

What's this? https://t.co/voR4yGgqXG #TrackArtemis pic.twitter.com/w0uFgDqWaQ

— Orion Spacecraft (@NASA_Orion) November 26, 2022

It was fitting that Artemis 1 broke the record. The original flight plan did not call for a record-setting flight. After a mid-mission explosion forced NASA to plot a new return course, the previous record was broken.

NASA needed to get Apollo 13 back to Earth as soon as possible because of a limited oxygen supply on the lunar module. Apollo 13 was slingshot back to Earth using the Moon's gravity. The safe return of astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise was made possible by one of the NASA personnel. The Command and Service Module was given enough power to make it back to Earth. The test dummy is named after the late Arturo.

The flyby of the Moon took place earlier this week. The spaceship will slingshot itself towards the Earth after it completes half of its mission. On December 11th, NASA expects the spaceship to come down off the coast of San DIEGO.

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