Illustration of Elon Musk and the Twitter logo
Elon Musk took over Twitter on October 27.
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Since the takeover of the social media platform by Musk, employees have been flocking to Blind.

More than 1,400 employees signed up to Blind in the last month, according to Kyum Kim. He said that most of the remaining workers are on blind. Blind users can only post reviews of companies they work for. Blind requires anonymous posters to provide their work email address, job title and employer when they sign up to gauge their professional status.

Kim told Insider that it had seen a lot of usage this month.

Less than a week after Musk's takeover was finalized, he axed almost half of the company's employees.

Blind was filled with employees writing reviews on the day that mass layoffs would happen the next morning. Employees have posted more than a thousand reviews of the social networking site.

Remaining staff were given an ultimatum last week to either sign up or resign. According to Insider, an estimated 2,000 people decided to quit.

One user wrote about aBrutalist decision maker at the helm. Emergency driven work is fun for thrill seekers. Pay is unrelated to the stock market fluctuations.

Tech companies have employees who speak out on the site. Kim, who is also Blind's chief business officer, told Insider that about 3000 Meta staff signed up on the day of the announcement.

More than 7,000 Meta employees joined Blind in the first two weeks of November, and 64,000 Meta staff members are now on the site.

Insider did not get a response from the social media company.

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