At the start of boarding of an American Airlines flight from Seattle to Dallas – Fort Worth, a passenger at SeaTac airport’s gate D10 took advantage of the opportunity of a full flight of passengers to declare his allegiance to Adolf Hitler and plead for the start of a race war.

The man offers a Nazi salute, yelling "sieg heil!" and "heil Hilter!" as he leans on a rollaboard bag.

Work language isn't safe in this video.

Another day of flying. The most striking thing about the incident is that American Airlines was boarding group 8 and he was either on a basic economy fare or had to check his carry on. An American Airlines agent is talking on the walkie-talkie about the incident, but it doesn't seem like much.

The passenger was arrested on the 20th.

— Ari Hoffman (@thehoffather) November 25, 2022

The man was denied boarding on the American Airlines flight because he was drunk. He complains that he's trying to fly to see his fiancée but he's slurring his words and asking why.

"Passengers" is a movie.

A passenger on an American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort-Worth to Miami reported that a woman got up from her seat in the coach section to sit with her friend in first class. She hid in a seat.

"Passengers" is a movie.

A passenger on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte was duct taped to her seat after attacking flight attendants and attempting to open an aircraft door.

"Passengers" is a movie.