There is more toCOSI Hotels than just a place to stay on your holiday. It is simple and smart.

There are a number of reasons why travellers prefer to stay at the hotels.

Party locations

Some of Thailand's most vibrant neighbourhoods can be found at theCOSI Hotels. Some of the popular beaches are home to the three COSI Hotels.

The beach is called COSI Samui Chaweng.

The Chaweng Beach is a lively place for connecting and chilling. You can make a splash in the rooftop pool, capture your island adventures with free-to-use GoPro cameras, and relax in the comfort of your high-tech room after a long day at the beach.

There is a beach called Wong Amat Beach in Thailand.

In the center of the social scene is a lifestyle hotel that has mastered the art of simplistic style. After chilling out by the outdoor pool at the Social Hub, you can head out to discover all that the city has to offer.

The Ao Nang Beach is known as the Cosmic Beach.

With modern style, simplicity and an ultra-convenient location in the heart of the action, COSI Krabi Ao Nang Beach is the ideal travel base. Changing your flight home can be done with the help of the COSI Crew at the ready with the best local excursions.

No-nonsense rooms

As smart social hubs, hotels are where like minded individuals can meet and connect. There is a choice of either a king or twin bed in the 18 square-metre rooms.

The rooms have basic amenities such as an electric safe, a retro fridge, and a Smart TV that can show your phone screen. The guests are given free wi-fi. Guests won't be disconnected at COSI.

Just pure fun

It's all about having fun at the hotels. Guests are treated to the most relaxing and enjoyable time of their life at the facility.

There is a pool.

There is a transparent side to the pools at the COSI hotels that make them ideal for lazy moments.

There is a social hub and digital play space.

The Social Hub is a great place to hang out. It is a good place to catch a game, watch a film, and have a drink with friends. The COSI Crew chill out and station can be found in the space. Guests can redeem daily food and drink credits at this location.

Your time

When travellers are on a holiday, they want to take their time, so choose when to check in, what to eat, and what to watch on TV.

Check-in can be done via online, mobile or kiosk. Guests can redeem their daily food and drink credits for anything at our cafe, including modern Thai classics and coffee from the west. A laundromat is also located atCOSI.

Perks beyond the hotel doors

The fun continues at the hotels. The properties brought cheers far away from the front doors.

The crew at COSI is waiting for you with information on everything at the destination.

The perks that come from being part of the COSI family can be found at any of our favourite local hangouts.

TheCOSI Hotels is more than just a place to sleep. Travelers and residents meet in a fun community. Guests are provided with everything they need by COSI.

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