The US is still on the road to becoming a fascist country according to a veteran sociologist.

In an interview with The Guardian published on Thursday, an academic once targeted and threatened by far-right figures warned that Americans shouldn't get lulled into a false sense of security after the November elections. Republicans took control of the House.

The fight over democracy is not over, according to Piven. The United States was on its way to becoming a fascist country.

It has been said that America could come under fascist rule. In October, Michael Cohen warned that Trump is a standard bearer for corrupt dictator wannabes and a poster boy for fascists.

A number of academics have predicted a fascist tilt to American politics.

Thomas Homer-Dixon, a noted political scientist, warned in January that American democracy could be in danger if Trump is elected. Homer-Dixon wrote in The Globe and Mail that the US is becoming ungovernable. The US could descend into civil war if it continued on its current path.

While the Democratic Party retains control of the Senate, Piven warned that there are many things still in place that could lead to fascist tendencies.

There is a crazy mob, an elite that is oblivious to what is required for political stability, and a grab-it-and-run mentality.

She said that she was scared about what would happen in the election.

In the future, there will be attacks on President Joe Biden from the right wing in a Republican-controlled Congress.

She said that the fascist mob don't have to be the majority to crush democracy.