Lane Kiffin anticipates returning as Ole Miss' coach next season (0:51)

Lane Kiffin said that he expects to return to the team next season. It was :51.

11:58 PM ET

Lane Kiffin said he expects to stay at Ole Miss in 2023 even if he is offered the head-coaching job at auburn.

After Ole Miss lost to Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl, Kiffin was asked if he was still the Ole Miss coach. One of the top candidates to replace Bryan Harsin was Kiffin, who is in his third year as Rebels coach.

When asked if he would return to Ole Miss, Kiffin said yes.

Sources told Chris Low that Kiffin told the Ole Miss players he wouldn't accept a job at another school. According to the Columbus, Mississippi, television station, Kiffin planned to step down Friday and become the new head coach at auburn. Kiffin didn't agree with the report.

After Thursday's loss to Ole Miss, Kiffin was asked if he had signed a new contract, to which he replied that he had signed several with the school. He got an enhanced contract with Ole Miss in December of 2021.

Liberty coach Hugh Freeze is likely to be pursued by the school if Kiffin goes to auburn. Freeze was the head coach of Ole Miss from 2012 to 2017.

At Ole Miss, Kiffin has a 23-12 record and 18-7 record.