Echegaray amazed by Ronaldo's latest World Cup record (1:21)

It was the first man to score in five World Cup tournaments. There is a time and a place for it.

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The American referee who awarded the penalty that led to the record goal at the World Cup was criticized by the coach.

He is the first male player to score in five World Cup tournaments. Portugal defeated Ghana by a score of 2-2.

Addo said to congratulate someone if they score a goal. This was a present. A really nice present. I don't know what else to say. The referee gave it a gift.

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Addo's criticism of Elfath was so direct that he could be in trouble with the world's largest soccer governing body.

Addo said that he thought the referee was to blame for the loss.

The officials didn't use the VAR to make sure that Mohammed Salisu didn't foulRonaldo for the penalty. The Portugal captain fell to the ground after his thigh appeared to make contact with his leg.

The penalty was converted by the man who was starting what was expected to be his final World Cup.

Addo thinks it was the wrong decision. I'm not sure why the VAR didn't come up. I don't have an explanation for myself. It's hard against a world-class team.

Addo is a 47-year-old former player who is at his first World Cup as a coach. He tried to get in touch with Elfath after the game to inquire about the incident. Addo said that Elfath had missed many fouls.

Addo tried. I asked if I could speak with the referee in a calm and quiet way, but they said he was in a meeting and it was not possible.