From the edge of the Andes to the dry tropical forest of the north, the beaches of Peru are as diverse as its people and cultures.

There are a lot of impressive beaches on the 2500 km of coastline in the country. Our top 10 are moving along the coast.

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1. Barlovento – Ica

Barlovento is a great place to visit if you're looking to catch corvina or lenguado. It is located between the limits of Pisco and Ica and is one of the best places to line up some of the most precious fish in the world.

You can get to Barlovento by taking a two-hour drive off-road from the nearest highway and setting up camp at the edge of the monumental dunes. It's worth going off the beaten path to experience what will likely be the best hand-pole fishing you've ever had.

In Paracas, La Mina is a secluded beach with amber desert cliffs facing clear blue waters © Christian Vinces / Shutterstock

2. Paracas – Ica 

The town of Paracas is located in the coastal desert of Ica and has colonies of sea lions and birds. One of the most important marine wildlife sanctuaries in the world is located on this rich peninsula, which can be visited by car.

The perfect place to practice windsurfing and kite surfing is in front of a wide range of beach hotels, from budget-friendly hostels to luxury resorts.

3. Cerro Azul – Cañete

In 1962, the Beach Boys released their first major hit, "Surfin' Safari." The town is located at the edge of the fertile valley formed by the Caete River and has a long pier, an extensive stretch of fine sand, and a good amount of hospitable people. Visitors to the fishing village can hang out near the beach and eat fresh ceviche.

Surfers can catch a wave by Eagle Rock and ride it all the way down to the pier before returning to the beach after the sun has set.

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Tuquillo beach.jpg
Once awarded an eco-beach prize for conservation, Tuquillo offers vast space to stretch out © Shutterstock / Christian Vinces

4. Tuquillo – Ancash

The beach of Tuquillo is hidden in the cliffs of Huarmey. This beach spot is home to mountains, sand dunes and rocky cliffs.

Tuquillo is a lesser-visited beach that offers a lot of space to stretch out on a blanket.

There is a small beach known for its aquamarine tide pools.

5. Puerto Viejo – Lima

The main draw of Puerto Viejo is the surfing, but this beach is a great weekend destination. The seemingly never-ending beach is only an hour and a half away from the actual city. There are wetlands by the beach that host a variety of birds.

Before you head out for a surf session, take the family or a group of friends for a picnic on the shore. If you are lucky, you can catch a wave in the company of dolphins, which will give you a boost of energy to head back to the city.

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6. El Silencio – Lima

There is a large crowd of Limeo beach lovers at the El Silencio beach, which is only a 40 minute drive from the city.

Visitors can enjoy a dip in bouncy waters with no breaking waves thanks to the refreshing water temperatures that average 20oC in the summer. There is a rush of excitement when the waves sweep the sand.

Chicama beach.jpg
Chicama has waves that can be ridden such long distances that boat service is available to avoid paddling back © Shutterstock / fboudrias

7. Chicama – Trujillo

The waters of Chicama are great for surfers of all levels, even beginners. The long stretch of beach known as Puerto Malabrigo has waves that can be ridden for more than a kilometer, so it's a good place to paddle back.

It is a great place to warm up after surfing as the water is cold in the cooler months.

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Surfing in Peru at sunset
Lobitos has waves that satisfy all surfers, from beginners to professionals © Getty Images

8. Lobitos – Piura

In the late 19th century, an old fishing settlement with a history of oil extraction was developed as a tourist destination. At the westernmost point of continental South America, it is considered a hub for those looking for perfect waves.

9. Los Órganos – Piura

If you are looking for a complete beach experience that includes tranquil water for kids, lazing around in the warm sun and surfing, this is the place to go. Located at the small fishing village of Los rganos, this lovely stretch of sand provides activities for all ages, whether it's a surfing lesson, snorkeling, or whale watching.

There are a few first-rate beach hotels and plenty of houses to rent in the area. Buying fish from local fishers is a good way to prepare your own ceviche.

10. Punta Sal – Tumbes

The northern tip of the Tumbes region is known for its warm waters and long sandy beaches. It is also a great place to take a deep-sea fishing charter.

It's a good place to lure species such as tuna and barracuda. It's a good idea to book in advance with a legit charter operator.

The article was published in August of 2021.