Over the last couple of years, you're not alone if you feel like you're spending too much.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bob Iger thinks prices at the company's theme parks have gone too high.

According to the paper, Iger, who left the company less than a year ago, complained to friends about the decisions of his successor. Sources told the Journal that he was unnerved by the price increases at Disney's parks.

Iger, who ran Disney from 2005 through 2020 and served as chairman through the end of 2021, felt that Chapek focused on Disney's streaming business to the detriment of the company's other divisions.

Iger claimed that he was killing the company's soul.

A request for comment was not returned.

Iger wasn't sure which prices he was referring to. The cost of concessions and ticket prices have gone up. People are spending 40% more at Disney's theme parks than before the Pandemic, according to a May report.

The price of admission to Disney World will go up on December 8. The most expensive ticket is fifteen dollars. It will be $19 soon. Annual passes will cost more.

The cost of its line-skipping add-on, Genie Plus, has been increased by Disney.