Even if the statute of limitations has expired, adult survivors of sexual assault in New York can still take legal action.

The adult survivors act went into effect on Thursday It gives survivors a year to file civil suits against people they say sexually abused them.

The law allows survivors to file lawsuits against organizations that were involved in wrongdoing.

The survivors must have been at least 18 years old when the abuse took place. The Child Victims Act extended the rights of minor victims.

Hochul said at the time of the law's signing that it was a historic step forward in the fight against sexual assaults.

The act allowed E. Jean Carroll, the writer who alleges that Donald Trump raped her in 1995 or 1996, to file a lawsuit against him.

The rape suit was filed against the former president after midnight. The new suit may ruin the former president's Thanksgiving, but it will be good for every woman who's ever been grabbed, groped, harassed, pinched, prodded, assault, smeared or dragged through the mud by a powerful man.

Hundreds of women who were abused in the New York prison system are expected to file new lawsuits. Insider was told by the New York Department of Correction that it has zero tolerance for sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and unauthorized relationships.