The man was ordered held without bail after he was accused of raping and kidnapping a woman.

The judge decided that Christian M. Lynch was too dangerous to be released.

At 7 a.m., the victim was kidnapped and taken to an apartment on East elm avenue. According to prosecutors, she was bound, raped and killed there.

She lost her dentures when he beat her. Beth McLaughlin of the Norfolk County District Attorney's Office said that he duct-taped her mouth and handcuffed her.

A woman shot and killed her boyfriend in front of a monk.

The victim was dropped off at a parking lot in the middle of the night. A person who heard her scream called the police.

Lynch went shopping for cleaning supplies after the attack. He was taken into custody at a convenience store.

Fairfax County's most wanted person is being sought by police for murder and the disposal of a body.

Lynch told police that he was tired of using dating apps. He stated that he was going out into the world to find a date.

Lynch forced the victim into his car, according to a report. He targeted another Asian woman before the kidnapping, but she did not contact authorities.

Lynch was charged with rape, kidnapping, strangulation and assault on a person over the age of 60. He was also charged with exposing himself to a woman near the Nickerson Rock walking trails last month.

The man who stole the Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from the Seattle Chinatown store had a reason for doing it.

NBC10 Boston has a picture of the Massachusetts Bay transportation authority transit police.

A senior Asian store clerk died after being hit in the head with a scooter.