All India Institute of Medical Services, also known as the All India Institute of Medical Services, is experiencing problems.

Hundreds of patients and doctors are being affected by the outages.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences holds thousands of students. The hospital has a capacity of over 2,200 beds.

The hospital authorities in New Delhi said that the attack appeared to be similar to a ransomware attack.

Patient care services have been badly disrupted.

As the server recording patient data stopped working, the medical institute moved to manual operations. Emergency cases have been delayed because of the outages.

The hospital authorities confirmed the cyberattack after the initial disruptions. There were still outages through Thursday.

We're not able to send many blood investigations, we're not able to see previous reports or images, and we're not able to request an image. A resident doctor who was not authorized to speak to the press said that many such operations are being done manually, which takes more time and is prone to errors.

Doctors were told to sign birth and death certificates by hand while the systems are not used.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team is helping with the organization's recovery. A person with direct knowledge of the incident says that an effort is underway to restore the data from backups.

The people behind the attack are being investigated by a number of law enforcement agencies. The police department has made a complaint.

The attackers might be able to access patient data, but details have not been made public.