The people who accused Jeffrey Epstein of sexual abuse are now suing the banks that they say enabled him.

The banks were accused of facilitating the financier's financial activities that they argued should have drawn more scrutiny given his status as a sex predator. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report it.

The bank agreed to pay $150 million to resolve the case after the New York State Department of Financial Services found that it failed to properly monitor the financial activity of the man.

The claim lacks merit and will be presented in court byDeutsche Bank.

JP Morgan is being pursued over its relationship with a former head of its private banking division. Regulators in the UK launched an investigation into the relationship that led to the resignation of the CEO ofBarclays.

The lawsuit said that the bank only cared about the money it made from its relationship with the man and that he needed a bank that knew he was engaging in illegal activity.

A ballet dancer is bringing a suit against a New York-based bank, saying she was forced to work as a sex slave. Large sums were taken from the accounts of the victims.

Insider didn't get a response from the bank.

The accuser in the lawsuit says that she was sexually abused by the man and that she was paid in cash for her services. Multiple payments to young women, as well as substantial cash withdrawals, were among the red flags ignored byDeutsche.

The lawyers are trying to recover damages from the banks.

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