There are more than a dozen job listings on the website for the Los Angeles office of the company. There are some hints about the company's plans for the studio. The game director will be working on a brand-newAAA PC game.

Mike Verdu, the VP of gaming for the company, made an announcement last month that his company was opening a studio in Southern California. Verdu said that Sonny would be in charge of the studio. Sonny worked as an executive producer on the show.

While the company was dealing with a lawsuit for sexual harassment and discrimination as well as an investigation by the SEC, Sonny left. He was in charge of developing the game.

The core team for the initial project of the games studio is being put together by the company. A PC game will be directed by a game director. The company would be the first to offer a PC game.

A major game in the video game industry is called aAAA. The game director will be in charge of the creation of the world and characters that are worthy of a film or TV series. First-person and third-person shooter games are mentioned in the job listing.

It seems like there aren't a lot of people working for the studio at the moment. Job listings for lead artists and lead engineers can be found here.

Video games are considered a long-term project by the company. Mike Verdu said that the gaming initiative was still in its infancy.

Forty different games are offered by the company. There are many spin-off games based on popular shows like Stranger Things and classic mobile games like runner and racing.

There are three existing game studios, Boss Fight Entertainment, Night School and Next Games. There is a former GM at the head of the new studio.

The business model for games is easy to understand. You can play all of the games in the game library if you are a subscriber. You can't play those games if you stop your subscription.

There are no add-ons in those games. It's possible that the new game will change the revenue strategy of the company. It is clear that the company is in a state of investment at the moment.