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We're back.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have brought a lot of hype to the travel world in the last few years. The word will be "scarcity" in 2020. Few brands bring value that is worth investing in.

It's difficult to separate what's fabulous from what's just a "sale" in name and name only. To bring value to you and to save you from the thousands of emails marked "deal", we've put together a list of the best travel discounts. 10% isn't enough to cut it.

Black Friday is November 25th, but many deals are already available. This page will be updated as the best travel deals are released, so be sure to check back and be sure to bookmark this page.

Take a look at some early launches. We have added the airline, hotel or company to the page so you know something is coming.

2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Hotel Deals

Black Friday deals aren't yet wowing with so many travelers. We are left hoping for better numbers this year, as previous years usually topped out around 25% in real savings.

The online travel agency deals area can be found below this section. Don't worry, enjoy! There are some things here that will fill up as the days go by.

Viceroy Hotels

Viceroy is going where few others are and they have flexible cancellation as well. Most other hotel groups will give you a bargain but no flex, so this is a huge advantage allowing people to jump in on a sale, but cancel if necessary.

You can check out the Cyber Week offers. Yes, and another classy move. Late checkouts are included in these deals.

Accor & Fairmont Hotels

Up to 5% more for Accor ALL members is included in the 25% off rates. The program is not appreciated as much as it could be.

If you have a trip in the books, the offers are great value.

IHG Hotels & IHG Rewards

This year will be the biggest ever for cyber discounts, according to I hg. The landing page is live and worth looking out for. We haven't seen the magic yet.

Black Friday and Cyber Week deals are offered by I hg.

intercontinental vietnam

Hyatt & World Of Hyatt

Hyatt has the best offer at the moment. With so many ways to create huge savings, this is pretty grand. You can check out the points sale.

Here you can find the Hyatt offers page.

Radisson Hotels

Radisson is offering 30% off rates until November 29th for travel all the way until the end of 2022. The flexibility of an entire new year is exciting.

You can find the Radisson Cyber Week page.

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

As part of the Accor ALL Loyalty Program, a few hotels are doing better than the others. Here, you can view the specific offers from Fairmont.

2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Flight Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest shopping days of the year, and some offers will be out early to beat the rush. What's the best advice? Have your heart set on what you want, and jump at the first fully, truly convincing offer, only if you know it is exactly what you were looking for, and well beyond what you were prepared to pay.

There is a collection of everything that is happening. The best deals will start early. We will update as new offers pop up, but here are a few early ones.

Flash Flight Deals!

There are some of the best new flights.

Level (Iberia Group)

There are incredible offers between Spain and the USA. One way between Barcelona and New York starts at 125, which is about as low as you can get. There are many other cities to choose from. On the dedicated deal page, you can find all the offers.

Singapore Air

$2199 round trip in Singapore's stunning business cabin between New York and Frankfurt is a great deal.

La Compagnie

You might have heard of La Compagnie, but they now fly between New York, Paris, Nice and Milan.

The airline is offering $2300 round trip fares between the city pairs in either direction, which is a good way to get to Europe or the USA. The offers can be seen here.

British Airways

British Airways had a plan to start 'Black Friday' in the United Kingdom. There is hope that deals will be better this year, as the airline has offered incredible fares around the US Thanksgiving Holiday in the past.

For now, browse the best holiday and flight deal offers and some early flight highlights, but keep an eye on this section in the future.

Virgin Atlantic

Two years ago, Virgin Atlantic offered business class fares for just about anywhere. This year will bring a lot of hope and hype.

There are cheap flights in the economy. We will update this page with any screaming deals that must be booked, or considered.

A promo code with up to £100 off can be found on the Black Friday Deal Page. The USA for under $300 is not bad.

Cathay Pacific

Green Friday deals are offered by Cathay Pacific. You don't have to wait until friday to enjoy them. The offers are available for both the UK and US markets.

There are many solo traveler offers as well as travel for two where the second person flies at a deep discount.

The highlights from the USA and the UK can be found here. As offers are unveiled, let's hope these improve.

Air Canada

Air Canada is giving away bonus points on flights booked as part of Black Friday. These are very tempting due to the Aeroplan currency.

This is a great sale with something for everyone, in every cabin, and you can find it on the Air Canada Black Friday Page.

Paying With Credit Card On Laptop

Black Friday 2022 Online Travel Agency Deals

Sometimes the savings are too good for that to matter when booking a hotel with an online travel agency.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest days of the year for online travel agencies.


Thanks to simplicity and value, Hotels.com is a favorite for booking hotels and is offering double stamps for its loyalty program. There is a promotion going on.

With double nights added on as a bonus, this is very compelling, so be sure to compare shop, but be aware that 30% off on Hotels.com can bring prices even lower than what you find direct elsewhere.


Hotels.com has a 30% off sale with up to 4X points in its rewards program. If you don't care about hotel points and are happy with the room you booked, this can be a great way to save.

2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Travel Gear And Experience Deals

Cyber week offers great opportunities to grab travel accessories that are worth CarRentals CarRentals. We like a few of them so far.

Away Travel Luggage

Select products are 40% off right now, which is a great savings for a luggage brand. UK and US sales can be found here.


blade has resisted the urge to make their helicopter rides between New York Airports and NYC cheaper than they are, but they have slashed prices on passes and other features between New York and the Hamptons as well as other cities


It's always great to see a sale on the products of the company. In order to make sure your home is safe while you're away, you should check out the discounts on the product ranges.

Got a deal? Get in touch!

The image was courtesy of the hotel in the islands. It's a good place to stay.

Viceroy Bali

Credit card numbers need to be memorised and your wallet ready. There are no deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Absolutely, without question. They are only getting bigger. Travel booking websites, airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and other brands are now...

There are deals.

Hawaii Beach

Black Friday is on November 27th, and Cyber Monday is on the 30th, so if you're looking for a travel bargain, you might not want to wait that long. The people who are traveling right now are taking less trips.

There is a travel news article.

Viceroy Bali

This post is what you were searching for. We are going to make it very easy to maximize Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Every hotel, airline, car rental and other travel deal will be here.

There are deals.