The failure by Trump-endorsed candidates to change the image of the party in the former president's image is what kept Lisa Murkowski in her seat in Alaska.

Decision Desk HQ projected that Murkowski was the winner in Alaska.

Unlike most Senate races, the contest in Alaska was mostly fought between two Republicans.

The four candidates in the race did not get the 50% of first-choice votes that they needed to win.

The state's voting system was called an incumbent-protection program by Tshibaka.

The vote to acquit Trump was less than the two-thirds needed.

During one rally, Trump said that Murkowski was worse than a Democrat.

Tshibaka took on several Trump-linked advisors to helm her campaign as a result of Trump endorsing her in June.

According to an analysis by The Washington Post, Trump's endorsements were a strong bet in the primaries.

Several candidates that he supported lost their races.

In Alaska, he supported SarahPalin, who lost the state's at-large congressional district race to a democrat.

Mehmet Oz narrowly lost his Senate race in Pennsylvania to a progressive Democrat.

Other high-profile Trump-backed losses include Joe Kent. The fate of Herschel Walker, who is running for Georgia's Senate seat, is at stake as the race heads to a second round.