Mark Ogren has now put in around £10m since taking control in December 2018.
Mark Ogren has now put in about £10m to United since taking control in December 2018

Dundee United made a profit of £300,000 in their accounts in the year that ended in February.

The club lost 2.5 million dollars in the year to June 2021.

Despite wage costs going up 18%, the wage-turnover ratio fell to 71%.

A £600,000 Covid insurance payout is included in the new accounts.

The key parts of the £1.3 million profit United made on the sale of players for that period are included in the figures.

The figures are an improvement over the last few years, with the most recent accounts showing a wage turnover of 120%.

Mark Ogren has put in about 10 million dollars since he took control of the club.

The American said that the 4th place finish led to qualification for Uefa competition.

The reward of match time for 17 Academy graduates was ensured in order to highlight one of our core strategies of developing home grown talent.

Player trading is an important part of the club's financial health.

Tony Asghar and the football department made a profit of over one million dollars on the sale of players.

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