kathryn lord
Kathryn Lord, photographed, worked as a nanny to billionaire families and got to travel the world on the job.Jane Fox Photography
  • A British author and a nanny have worked for billionaires.

  • She spent a few weeks on a cruise ship while traveling with her clients.

  • One client allowed her to say no to their child, while the other gave her a butler.

Kathryn Lord is a British author and nanny who used to travel the world with rich people.

Lord is the author of two books, one of which is a children's education book. She told Insider that both books were read by the late Queen Elizabeth and Princess of Wales.

Lord has a master's degree in education from Durham University, which makes her an expert in the field. She has experience working as a nanny.

Several of her former clients were billionaires, according to Lord.

kathryn lord
Kathryn Lord photographed during her travels as a nanny to billionaire families across the world.Jane Fox Photgraphy

Lord said that she would be flown around the world in first class with the family's private chef. She worked for a family who owned residences across the globe for around two and a half years.

There was a two-week stint on a cruise ship. She was able to visit many places during her time working for these families.

She shared the craziest things she saw on the job.

Lord said one parent gave her their credit card and told her she wasn't allowed to refuse anything the child asked for

Lord said one client who she worked for around 14 years ago gave her their credit card, which was specifically for the child, and told her she was not allowed to say no to any of the child's requests.

Lord did not allow him to have everything he wanted. Money wasn't a problem for them.

One family had a private chef and masseuse

One family that Lord worked for had a chef on call 24 hours a day and the family would wake up in the middle of the night if they got hungry. She said that they had a private masseuse nearby.

Lord said she had to get used to being waited on by butlers

She struggled to get used to being waited on by butlers on some of the vacations she took with one of her clients.

"Obviously I'm there to look after the children, but I'm being told to sit down and be served on and I don't like that at all," she stated.

She said that it's the dynamic that happens.

Looking back, Lord said he would only change one thing about the experience

Lord said that she enjoyed working for billionaires and that she would change one thing, which would be to recognize the value of her own time.

I think my time is still worth it. Lord said that some of the families took advantage of his kindness.

I would work longer hours with some families. You can't do your job well if you have too much fatigue. She said that if you're wiped out you can't support the children in the best way possible.

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